Welcoming CIOs Back to the Table

For several years the pendulum has slowly tilted away from CIOs and CTOs in mid-market companies participating heavily in strategic decisions about IT investments. A recent survey by Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services indicates the pendulum is swinging back as tech leaders are asked to do more than keep spending under control and overhead costs within budget.

Earlier this year, Deloitte polled 500 mid-market leaders and learned that 49 percent of technology adoption is now led by IT department leaders, compared to only 36 percent in 2015. That is a big shift in a positive direction that bodes well for the value impact of C-level technology executives.

Corporate concerns about greater productivity, improvements in operational effectiveness, and ensuring greater cybersecurity give technology leaders a pivotal opportunity to position IT as a crucial and relevant driving force that can help a business better connect with customers—the foundation for any kind of growth.

CIO magazine offers a brief summary of the survey. A more complete analysis and access to the full report is available from Deloitte.