Implementation and Execution

Implementation and Execution - Joe Jordan Speaker and Trainer

Less than half of the decisions made in organizations are ever fully implemented.

Discover how to accelerate implementations and improve execution.

Get it Done!

Accelerating the Journey from Problem to Solution.

Workshop Description

Implementation means to “put a decision or plan into effect—to execute.” That assumes you agree on the problem you’re solving, you have an adequate number of viable solutions, you reach agreement on the course of action, and you have the resources to make it happen. 

Those assumptions are the reasons most decisions never have an impact on the problems they are intended to solve.

This highly interactive program demonstrates how to quickly identify the critical components of a complex issue, make a sound decision, and act on the decision while recognizing the implications of a course of action. 

Who is this Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for professionals who want to improve their ability to solve and implement solutions for critical business problems. Concepts and principles are directly applied to and practiced in situations that align with team, workplace, and client challenges.

Workshop Benefits

This workshop will improve individual and team performance and improve organizational effectiveness by helping participants:

• Improve effectiveness by recognizing that the success of an implementation and execution depends on agreement about the problem needing a solution.

• Increase efficiency by developing the ability to more thoroughly and rapidly evaluate options and select the most viable alternative.

• Enhance profitability by using a proven process to generate new potential solutions for a problem.

• Create better employee alignment and collaboration by using a common language and process for project resolution and implementation.

Get it Done! Course Outline

Define the Problem: Focus

• Agree on the Problem

• Define the Impact (Business Drivers)

• Accelerate Problem Agreement

• Use Closed-loop Logic to Identify Cause

Create Options: Design

• What is Creativity?

• Evaluate Your Comfort with Innovation

• A Process that Generates New Ideas

Select a Solution: Decide

• Components of an Effective Decision Process

• How Biases Impact Decision-Making

• Target Effort Using the Impact/Complexity Grid

Engage the Solution: Implement

• Resolve Procrastination

• The Process for Successful Implementation

• Consider the Impact of Unintended Consequences

• Plan for Problems Before They Happen