Keynote Speeches and Presentation Summaries

Here are some of the keynote speeches and presentations Joe can bring to your meeting or corporate event. Are you interested in another topic? Please call and we can explore your ideas together.

Keynote Sharpen Your Life
Sharpen Your Life Keynote

Sharpen Your Life: Creating Strategies for a Lifetime of Success (Keynote)
Using content and examples from his book, Sharpen Your Life, Joe uses humor and relevant examples to give the audience practical ideas they can use to achieve better results in life and work.

Creating Agility that Leverages the Power of Change (Keynote or up to half-day session)
The rapid pace of change in global markets, organizations, and personal lives, demands that individuals develop the ability to respond to changes quickly, with purposeful intent, and with actions that capture the potential of each situation. Yet, many individuals and organizations lack the agility needed to leverage the power of change around them. This session shows how to develop the components of agility while using this skill effectively to build relationships and accomplish goals.

Untangling the Knot of Prioritization (Keynote or two-hour session)
Talented professionals who genuinely want to succeed and excel, often feel overwhelmed by to-do lists and what look like conflicting priorities. Saying, “Yes,” to one responsibility often means, at least temporarily, saying, “No,” to another task. Doing more with less often leaves people achieving less, not more. Add the mistaken idea that time can be managed, and you create a formula for inadequate prioritization, frequent procrastination, misplaced delegation, and accountability that feels like incrimination. This session exposes the myth of time management and the fears that keep people from acting. The program then shows how to benefit from delegation while making accountability a proactive driver of desired performance.

Turning Strategy into Results (Keynote or up to full-day work session)
Strategies and plans of teams and organizations are often rendered powerless through the inability of a group to effectively implement their ideas. While no team intends to fail, many do. Many times, a lack of execution is the result of an inadequate framework for translating a plan into the behaviors and actions that drive intended results. This session presents the challenges and causes of strategy failure while providing practical and easily-implemented actions for moving from idea to outcome.

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