Developing Leaders

Developing leaders
Develop leaders that will drive results

Are your leaders taking your company where it needs to go? Leader development isn’t an option–it is an essential component of your business strategy.

You don’t work in a hypothetical world of management theory and well-written case studies. For you, a leadership failure is a business failure. Your long-term growth is determined by the effectiveness of your team, not by your product or solution.

Executives across industries, geographies, and company sizes report that growth and business results continue to be impacted by challenges with finding and retaining talent, mitigating risk while ensuring growth, problem-solving, client loyalty, and meeting performance expectations.

I bring clients demonstrated success helping leaders develop the capabilities needed to solve critical business challenges. The solutions I offer aren’t conceived in a book. The principles I teach grow out of lessons learned during 30 years of working in professional services organizations where competition is intense and profit margins are thin.

Classroom activities are real-time and real-life. I leverage the challenges and situations your team faces to build the leadership practice scenarios participants use to develop their capabilities in a classroom or virtual program. People in sessions don’t sit long enough to get bored. These highly interactive programs are built around a proven model of experiential adult learning.

Content is built in modules, allowing you to combine or adapt content to align with your specific needs. If a module from a sales program helps you address a unique leadership challenge, that module is incorporated into your program. If client loyalty isn’t you most pressing problem, save that topic for a future session.

Topic areas addressed in leader development programs include:

Executive Presence
Creating Client Synergy
Leader Derailment
Building Trust
Team Development with a Client and in Your Company
Leading Through Difficulties
Innovation and Leadership

Call today to learn how you can make the most of your current leadership team while you develop the leaders you need for your future business challenges.


“Best leadership [training] I have attended in my 35+ years of healthcare . . . Thank you for the opportunity to learn!” (Dell)

“Extremely engaging and interesting; relevant experiences and stories . . . “ (KPMG)

“As usual, everything Joe Jordan does is first class.” (Dell)