Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness is interacting with clients about what matters to them. Your product or solution isn’t what matters.

Sales Effectiveness
Sales effectiveness is about demonstrating outcomes, not capabilities.

Business leaders report their most pressing concerns are political and regulatory changes, customer retention and loyalty, global competition, a lack of innovation, stakeholder demands, eroding market share . . .

How well can your business development team articulate how your solutions solves these problems?

Your client doesn’t invest in capabilities. Your client buys outcomes. To your client, what you sell is a means–never the end.

Effective qualification continues to be the most critical stage when building a client relationship. More opportunities are won or lost during qualification than at any other point in the journey to a sale. If you want to increase your close ratio, stop pursuing any opportunity you can’t close.

Qualification isn’t about asking if someone has a budget and whether or not they have the authority to spend it. High performing sales professionals become skilled in qualifying by quantifying. They use their research and knowledge of the client to show the inadequacy of the current solution.

Qualifying is about intensifying client pain–not about promising a better future. Thorough qualification and quantification ensures a recommended solution meets a genuine business need and accelerates the rest of the sales process.

You don’t become a trusted adviser by telling your client that’s what you want to be. Your client gives you that recognition after you earn it. 

These programs can align with any solid sales methodology you use. I focus on how to use the qualification process to credentialize the seller, intensify the client’s awareness of the inadequacy of their current solution, and position your solution as a viable alternative. 

Training topics include–
Using research to identify client needs and demonstrate business acumen
Building a relationship development strategy
Strengthening client loyalty through the sales process
Qualifying and quantifying client needs/pain
The client expectations you don’t want to meet
Using account performance to increase sales

If you want to–

  • Accelerate sales growth
  • Improve account profitability
  • Innovate new solutions
  • Expand client engagements
  • Become a trusted advisor

call today to explore how I can help you and your team open a conversation that allows you to sell an outcome that matters to your client.