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Joe Jordan
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Accelerate your growth.

Improve your results.

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Focus on your success.

Improve Results

  Digital transformation. Disruptive innovation. The pace of change. Talent gaps in critical roles.   

 The success of a business isn't determined by market dynamics. The success if an enterprise is driven by how leaders respond to market uncertainty.

Businesses fail when leaders fail. 

As a speaker and trainer, I help executives in client-facing organizations resolve challenges in leadership, critical thinking, and sales enablement to accelerate growth and improve performance. 

If you want to ensure your investments in people are an investment in your current and future success--let's begin a conversation.

Multiply your effectiveness.

Multiply Effectiveness

 Pragmatism out-performs intentions any day.

A workable solution that is implemented always makes a greater impact that a perfect solution on a spreadsheet. 

 I work with multi-national corporations, regional firms, small businesses, and individual leaders to develop the capabilities needed to solve critical business challenges. The principles I teach grow out of three decades in professional services organizations where competition is intense and profit margins are thin.

Never underestimate the ability of a human being to quietly and effectively resist a desperately-needed change.The only way to create lasting changes in behavior is by helping people change the way they think.

That's what I do--as a speaker, trainer, and content developer.

Bringing a distinct approach.

Joe Jordan
Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer
Leadership, Critical Thinking, Sales Enablement

Speakers, trainers, and training companies can all look the same. 

How am I unique? I am . . . 

Focused: I create speeches and experiential learning that ensure people translate learning into  behaviors that improve performance.

Client-centric: I help you create a compelling picture of success while you and your team resolve gaps that delay your achievement of critical business goals.

Versatile:  I am as comfortable on a platform as I am in a workshop. While proven concepts and principles are woven into every speech or program, each piece of content is aligned to your business culture and language.

Passionate: The word people most frequently use to describe me is passionate. My goal is to make every speech, workshop, or content I create enlightening, engaging, relevant, and easily-applied.

Pragmatic: Clients trust me to provide engaging speeches and great training. Each engagement is unique, with changing priorities and moving timelines. I understand that and work with you in a way that gets the work done while meeting both your business and budget requirements.

Solutions for Your Business

Speaking and Training

Keynotes and Speeches

As an engaging, humorous, insightful, and motivating speaker, Joe creates content-rich speeches and keynotes that will make your next meeting or event both effective and memorable.

When you book Joe for a program, you get more than a speech. Keynote presentations can be combined with consulting, executive discussions, an additional training session the same day, or individual coaching sessions to make the most of your investment.

Joe is equally comfortable speaking to an audience of senior leaders as a group of young professionals. He has spoken in convention halls and campgrounds, in major cities and places you’d work hard to find.

Without diluting content by using a “one-message-fits-all” approach, Joe’s breadth of expertise makes him a credible communicator on a wide spectrum of business and professional development topics including:

How to Get the C-Suite to Listen to You

Ten Principles for Leveraging the Tensions of Leadership

Critical Thinking for Business Success

Sharpen Your Life: Timeless Strategies for Enduring Success

Beating Burnout Before You're Toast

“Joe was amazing! He kept us interested and involved . . .” (KPMG)

“Joe is awesome! Positive, quick, adaptable when appropriate.” (KPMG)

"Joe Jordan was BY FAR the greatest facilitator I have ever had for a class at . . . He . . . made the content engaging, fun, and helpful. One could tell Joe was a true professional. I greatly appreciated his personal stories . . ." (Consulting)

Improve Performance


Classroom activities are real-time and real-life. As a corporate trainer, I leverage the challenges and situations your team faces to build the practice scenarios participants use to develop their capabilities in a classroom or virtual program. People in sessions don’t sit long enough to get bored. These highly interactive programs are built around a proven model of experiential adult learning.

Content is built in modules, allowing you to combine or adapt content to align with your specific needs and timing. If a module from a sales program helps you address a unique leadership challenge, that module is incorporated into your program. If client loyalty isn’t you most pressing problem, save that topic for a future session.

 Workshop modules include:

Critical Thinking

Get It Done: Accelerating the Journey from Problem to Solution

Leadership Principles for Enduring Success

Untangling the Knot of Prioritization

Leadership and Innovation

Executive Presence

Creating a Client-centric Company

Using Research to Build Credibility with a Client

Business Acceleration Lab

“Best leadership [training] I have attended in my 35+ years of healthcare . . . Thank you for the opportunity to learn!” (Dell)

"Hands- down one of the best instructors at . . . He was extremely engaging, had great relatable stories, everyone participated making the class very enjoyable. Please bring in more instructors like Joe. He was awesome!" (Consulting Firm)

"Joe was very passionate in his work and training. I could feel his energy . . . I learned a lot and was also motivated by his enthusiasm and structuring of the class." (Consulting Firm)

Accelerate growth

Content Development

Your needs are unique. Whether you engage me as a speaker or trainer, each client engagement begins with a conversation where I ask questions—and listen to your answers. I then use an iterative process to collaborate with you to design and create the talent development initiative that will most effectively address each performance gap in a way that is applicable, timely, and effective.

Content is provided as:  

Licensed content you can purchase to facilitate in your organization.

Branded content facilitated by me, using both virtual and in-classroom delivery models.

Web-based or instructor-led programs using licensed content adapted to meet specific client requirements.

Advice and consulting that gives you access to 30 years of expertise and insight gained from working with a broad spectrum of companies.

More About Joe

Joe Jordan

For over 30 years, Joe has integrated business development and sales roles with corporate training and operations positions, giving him a unique blend of strengths and proven success designing and implementing initiatives that incorporate leadership, sales strategies, and performance improvement with critical business objectives.

As an engaging and respected speaker, trainer, and business advisor, Joe brings clients candid insights, practical strategies, and relevant examples from leading teams in fast-paced, high-performance service organizations. His areas of expertise include leadership development, critical thinking, sales enablement, performance management, and business growth strategies. Joe has developed and delivered training for companies including Access Healthcare, AT&T, Dell, Interim Services, KPMG, Unisys, Bank of Montreal, BNSF Railway, and Inter-American Development Bank.

Joe’s corporate roles included Director of Services Sales Training at Dell, Inc. where he collaborated with senior leadership in the $8 billion global Services organization to leverage employee development as a strategic component in sales growth, leading a team of developers creating programs for sales, account management, client engagement, innovation, and project management. Earlier at Dell, Joe was a Performance Consultant for training strategy, needs analysis, program design, and major program management. As an Associate Development Advisor at Perot Systems, Joe taught multi-day courses for Customer Executives and delivery leaders selling and managing complex IT outsourcing engagements. Joe also served as Director of Business Development at Action Management Associates and Executive Vice President of Business Development for Right Management Consultants.

Joe’s fifteen-year career in the staffing industry included responsibilities in sales, sales management, talent development, customer service, operations, marketing, and leading a $30 million region with 17 locations. Owning his own training company and his work with leaders at all organizational levels give Joe direct experience managing the leadership and customer dynamics that translate into profitable business growth.

Prior to his corporate experience, Joe spent five years in the non-profit sector as a speaker and writer. He earned a Bachelor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice College & Seminary and is a certified instructor for Situational Leadership II, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Problem Solving & Decision Making.

Joe contributes to the Dallas professional community as a Business Leadership Center Instructor at the SMU Cox School of Business. 

Joe is the author of Sharpen Your Life, available on Amazon. In free time, he enjoys fitness, cooking, photography, and traveling with his wife of 39 years. 

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