Joe Jordan – Speaker, Author, Talent Development Strategist, Corporate Trainer

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Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan, President

Joe Jordan helps companies make money and helps individuals improve their results.

As a speaker, author, corporate trainer, and business advisor, Joe engages with leaders in client-facing organizations to improve performance and accelerate growth. He knows the only way to change results is to change behavior. The only way to create lasting changes in behavior is to change how people think.

Who Joe Works With
Multi-national corporations,  regional firms, small businesses, and individual leaders have leveraged Joe’s breadth and depth of expertise to develop talent in their organizations.

What is Unique About Working with Joe?
Joe can design and launch a major initiative for a large, multi-national firm or provide scalable solutions for an emerging company. Joe creates the intellectual property that goes into each program while utilizing other talented professionals to assist with large projects.

Whether you hire Joe to make a speech at an event or create a comprehensive training program, you’ll discover he is:

    • Focused: Joe crafts speeches and creates experiential learning that develops capabilities in a way that ensures people translate what they discover into the relevant behaviors that improve performance.
    • Client-centric: The only reason to be in business is to serve individual and corporate clients. Joe believes an initiative provides value only to the extent it multiplies effectiveness.
    • Compelling:  Joe helps clients create a compelling picture of success. He shows leaders how to identify and resolve gaps that prevent team members from achieving critical business goals.
    • Versatile: Joe brings clients both breadth and depth of expertise gained from developing talent in multi-national corporations, regional firms, small businesses and with individual leaders. While the principles and concepts Joe has developed are woven into every speech or program, each engagement is approached as unique.
    • Passionate:  The word most often used to describe Joe in front of an audience is passionate. Joe knows that participation in a professional development event demands that other priorities wait. He makes every speech or workshop enlightening, engaging, and readily applicable to an individual’s job.
    • PragmaticClients recognize Joe and his company for providing engaging speeches and great training. He works with clients to adapt the development process to get the job done in a way that meets both client business and budget requirements.

If you want to grow revenue, develop leaders, improve problem solving and decision making, and develop and retain talent–call Joe today at +1 214.714.3987.

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